Chesapeake Bay Restoration Requirements

The Chesapeake Bay Restoration Requirements are a unique wrinkle in Maryland’s stormwater permit. But what exactly are they? And how do you know if they apply to you?

The Chesapeake Bay Restoration Requirements place some of the responsibility for restoring the Chesapeake Bay watershed on the facilities with the highest potential for polluting it. These larger facilities are required to conduct a restoration project, treating their runoff and minimizing their pollution potential.

Is your facility subject to these requirements? If you have an issued permit, check your permit registration letter; it will specify whether your facility is required to restore any land.

If you don’t yet have a permit or don’t have access to the registration letter, read the following language, taken directly from the permit, to see if you qualify:

You must comply with the requirements in this section if you meet ALL of these criteria:

  • your facility is within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed;
  • your facility is 5 acres or greater in size;
  • any portion of your facility is located within a Phase I or Phase II municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) jurisdiction; and
  • your facility is not owned by or leased from an entity that is permitted as an MS4.
Chesapeake Bay Restoration Requirements 3

It’s confusing, but the basic gist is this: if your facility is located in Maryland and is over five acres, you’re probably subject to these requirements.

If you’re subject to the requirements, you must conduct a restoration project. That project could take many forms, from something as straightforward as planting trees or street sweeping, to digging vegetated swales or building a stormwater retention pond.

Calculating how much land must be restored, deciding the type of project to complete, preparing project plans, and documenting and certifying the finished project all require expert support.

That’s where Grapewell comes in. Our experienced engineering and stormwater management teams work together with you to prepare a cost-effective course of action to address your restoration requirements.

Contact us today for a free on-site consultation. We’ll walk you through the requirements in greater depth and provide you with a range of options for satisfying them.

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