Stormwater Simplified.
Maryland’s new industrial stormwater permit, the 20-SW, has been released.
Contact us today to ensure your facility is taking all necessary steps to remain in compliance with these new regulations.

Stormwater Sampling

While sample testing requirements differ from industry to industry, all of Maryland’s stormwater permits require permit holders to collect, analyze, and report results from stormwater runoff samples.

Whatever your testing requirements, Grapewell is here to help. We have experience with all industries and all of Maryland’s stormwater permits, and our expertise can help you stay in compliance with the state’s regulations.

Stormwater Sampling with Grapewell

Using our sampling services and products, detailed below, we have helped businesses ranging from auto salvage yards and scrap recycling facilities to marinas, metal fabricators, and concrete manufacturers stay in compliance with Maryland’s stormwater permits.

Grapewell Sampling Kit Outside

Stormwater Sample Mailing Kits

We provide our clients with easy-to-use kits so they can collect samples at their convenience and ship them to our lab.

We’re proud to offer the best sampling kits on the market. We give you everything you need to confidently collect and prepare your samples: clear and specific sampling instructions, custom documentation for processing your samples, sampling bottles, pre-written labels, ice packs, and pre-paid shipping labels.

On-Site Stormwater Sampling Services

For clients within our service area (the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan areas as well as surrounding regions), Grapewell offers fully hands-off sampling services: a member of our team will come to your facility during a rain event, collect all necessary samples, prepare paperwork, and deliver the samples to the lab for processing.

Never worry about missing a sampling period again - our team makes your sampling compliance our top priority so you don’t have to.

CDX and NetDMR Reporting Assistance

After your samples are processed at our lab, we’ll send you a full breakdown of your results and help you report them on the appropriate database.

The EPA’s Central Data Exchange (CDX) and MDE’s NetDMR can be confusing and frustrating tools to navigate. Our experienced team will walk you through every single step of the process to ensure that your sample results are reported properly and on time.

We are partnered with a certified water testing laboratory in Maryland to provide all our clients with affordable testing rates and accurate, timely results. Parameters we commonly test for include:

  • Heavy Metals
    • Aluminum (Al)
    • Copper (Cu)
    • Iron (Fe)
    • Lead (Pb)
    • Zinc (Zn)
  • Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
  • Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
  • Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • Oil & Grease
  • Nitrate + Nitrite Nitrogen
  • Hardness
  • and many more

Getting Started with Stormwater Sampling in Maryland

If you have sample testing requirements through one of Maryland’s stormwater discharge permits; need one-off testing services for specific pollutant concerns; or simply want more information on testing requirements, parameters, and schedules, please get in touch.