Stormwater Simplified.
Maryland’s new industrial stormwater permit, the 20-SW, has been released.
Contact us today to ensure your facility is taking all necessary steps to remain in compliance with these new regulations.


Grapewell offers a variety of stormwater management services. For information on the regulations related to these services, see the FAQ.

Permit Acquisition:

  • Need a stormwater permit? Grapewell will prepare and submit all documents necessary to acquire coverage under the relevant stormwater permit including notices of intent and stormwater pollution prevention plans.
Maryland Stormwater Permits

Permit Compliance:

  • Getting a permit is only the first step; keeping up with the requisite compliance activities is just as important. Grapewell will conduct and document all permit-required compliance activities including regular visual monitoring, quarterly inspections, lab tests, annual comprehensive inspections, and staff training.
Maryland Stormwater Permit Compliance

Chesapeake Bay Restoration Requirements:

  • If your facility is subject to Chesapeake Bay Restoration Requirements (click here to find out), Grapewell can help you satisfy them. Our engineering team will draw up project plans as needed and certify that completed restoration work satisfies the requirements.
Maryland Chesapeake Bay Restoration Requirements

No Exposure Certification:

  • If all industrial activity at your facility takes place inside and away from stormwater exposure, you may be eligible for a "no exposure" exemption from the stormwater permit and its associated requirements. Grapewell's engineering team will certify that your facility qualifies and then prepare and submit all necessary documentation.
Maryland Stormwater No Exposure Certification

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