Stormwater Simplified.
Maryland’s new industrial stormwater permit, the 20-SW, has been released.
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Our Story

Grapewell's story begins in 2016, when Ben Wells was working at the Maryland Department of the Environment in the Water Management Administration Compliance Division. While conducting stormwater inspections across Maryland, he saw firsthand the challenges that businesses faced navigating the state's confusing maze of regulations and requirements.

Many of the businesses Ben inspected resorted to hiring big, impersonal consulting firms to help with their stormwater management needs. These consultants often helped resolve acute issues and concerns, but were prohibitively expensive to work with on a long-term basis and only offered temporary solutions. Ultimately, many businesses were left in the same place they started - lighter on cash but still out of compliance and scrambling for solutions.

Amid all this frustration, Ben saw an opportunity. He set out to build a different type of stormwater consulting business, one that offered high-quality services and products combined with hands-on support and fair prices. He wanted to help businesses both in the short-term and over the years, building relationships and making a real difference.

At this point, Ben reached out to Stephen Grapes, a technical writer and former business owner. His background and set of skills contrasted well with Ben’s and cemented the company’s foundation. Combining their two surnames, Ben and Stephen founded Grapewell and set about providing the highest quality service and support to the businesses in their communities.

Since then, Grapewell has worked with dozens of businesses across Maryland, from Salisbury to Oakland and everywhere in between. We’ve collected hundreds of samples for lab testing, crafted industry-leading stormwater pollution prevention plans, and helped develop and implement sustainable controls and best management practices to safeguard our state’s great natural resources.

To learn more about how Grapewell can help you and your business, read our FAQ, learn about the services we provide, or contact us directly.